MyMuslim Community Guidelines

MyMuslim does not tolerate harassment against any other user of any kind, this includes stalking, bullying, threats, sending sexual content to other users and others.

Violent, gory, or graphic content or any content or any actions that advocate for or threaten violence of any kind, including but not limited to thretening or pormoting terrorism, coercion, physical assault, and any other acts of violance are prohibited. Glorifying suicede or self-harm is also not allowed.

Do not share any of your private information with other users. Including but not limited to passwords, e-mail addresses, home/work addresses, social security numbers, ID numbers, passports, financial information, bank account details, phone numbers.

Don't use MyMuslim for marketing purposes by driving people to external websites. Be real! Be yourself!

Do not send any sexually explicit content to other users or do not write your sexual desires in your "about me" section. Be halal!

MyMuslim prohibits advertising of your business, events, political campaing, contest, or to cunduct research. Soliciting other users is prohibited as well.

This is not an app for offering sexual services, promoting human trafficking, or coercing other users into paying for any sexual acts. These kinds of acts are strictly prohibited on MyMuslim and the accounts engaged in them will be deleted.

Any predatory behavior of any kind is prohibited. Any user who is attempting to steal other user's sensitive information for illegal activity or fraudulent will be banned from MyMuslim also all users sharing their banking or financial account infromation (including PayPal) for the purpose of receiving financial assets from other users will be banned.

Rohi has a zero-tolerance policy for racism, hatred, bigotry, or any violance against other individuals or groups based on factors like but not limited to ethnicity, religious affiliation, race, disability, age, gender, national origin is prohibited.

Do not create profiles of other people. Be yourself! Stealing identity of enother person is being classified as a fraud and the user's account will be terminated.

MyMuslim is a dating app for adults. Therefor you must be 18 years of age or older to create an account. Sending sensitive pictures of underage people or children is strictly prohibited and the actions might be reported to the proper authorities and the account will be deleted immediately.

If your account includes any objects or works that is trademarked or copyrighted by other parties, don't post it, unless you are the right to do so.

Do not use MyMuslim for any illegal activities.

Creating multiple accounts are not allowed. Doing so may lead to deleting them.

Not logging into your account for a longer period of time will be tagged as inactive and may be deleted.